Stories about roommates that suck

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From Becky Shane,
Im luckily getting out of this situation, but it sucks...

I'm a freshman and I was placed with a junior roommate, and I was like oh okay I guess....well no. I moved in one morning like around 10:00 am, she was still asleep, and when i walked in, she was wearin boxers and a wife beater, she doesnt shave her legs, her arm pits and her hair was very butch. I'm like okay. So I moved my stuff in and she left and i noticed some books by her desk and a magazine, called "Girlfriends-for lesbians and bisexuals" and im just like oh great. I have nothing agaisnt them, but I dont believe in what they do and im going to be living with one, its going to be uncomfortable, I dont have to worry about her having guys over just girls. And also shes a feminist, so she hates guys all together. So I made sure I put pics of the guys I dated, and pics of Josh Harnett and Brad Pitt (she didnt know who they were), I hated to think what she thought of my friends.. So i heard her on the phone one day sayin how she thought this girl on the other side of the floor was pretty cute, and im like okay whatever... wel couple weeks later, there was this girl Stephanie, who I thought was just a friend, shes like u dont mind if steph spends the night do u? and im like i guess no...and they slept in the same bed...i didnt think anything of it... 2 weeks go by and i hear her on the phone saying how shes driving to a neighbor school like 45 min away to go get action because she hasnt had any in 2 weeks... (2 weeks ago was when stephanie spent the night)and im just like, i dont want to be hearing all this. Well a couple weeks ago, I was just layin in bed, and she walks in and gets on the phone and starts tellin someone how horny she is, how she wants to f someone and going on and on and i just walked out of the room, it was horrible. Plus, shes on the phone till 2 am aruging/yellin at someone and i cant sleep, the phone is always ringing for her and over the summer i got paid to be a receptionist, im not getting paid to be her secretary, and its getting frustrating so i dont care anymore if i forget to write one down, im not her personal actually on thursday im moving out, and looking quite forward to it.

From James Brown,
I have had some of the sorriest roommates. I have a 3 room house. Well I guy that I worked with found out about it and convinces me to let him move in, he had broke his lease and was going to move in with some other guy but that guy turned out to be a child molestor or something so he had no place to go. So anyway that was the beginning of my roommate saga. This guy moves in and in about three weeks gets fired. This was a shit job that you could replace easy but dude took it hard. He laid on the floor with his feet on the recliner staring blankly in the direction of the tv, not moving not blinking. I'd have to step over him to get out the door. I'd come back from work 10 hrs later, he'd be in the exact same spot, had'nt even moved his head. Well this went on for about a month and then the guy disappears for a couple weeks. He comes back, seems to be better, promises to start paying because he has a job. He never pays. Finally he's been there 6 months and payed for 1 and 1/2 months and I tell him to pay up or im going to kick his ass. Dude promises to pay the next day and thats the last I see him. He disappeared again, left all his worthless shit, old mattress, old tv etc. in his room. So I clean it out. Since I had 6 months of paying utilities etc. for 2 people I have some bills. I get the great idea to post an advertisement on a roommate website. In retrospect I guess that idea sort or ranks up there with the "its June lets invade Russia" as far as bad ideas go. A girl from out of state responds, shes moving down to go to school. Her parents are going to pay her rent. Sounds like she wont have a problem paying rent, sounds like a decent chick. She has two dogs, theyre trained housebroke etc. is the story. So I agree. I very first meet her I'm at work she just arrived in town and stopped to get the key. I know I'm probably in for an unpleasant time when the very first thing she says is "I'm very smart." Sure enough, she is the most pompous, arrogant, inconsiderate bitch to ever walk the planet. Her dogs are anything but house broke, and I have to clean up the shit and piss or it doesnt get done. On top of this if she has to take a dish out of the dishwasher that I used, somehow, I am solely responsible for 15,000 years of male repression of women. She's a whore. For some reason she believes because she can pick up low life scum guys from bars to gang bang her she's hot. Some of the guys know about each other and some she scurries out the door before another gets there. Its a constant flow of unemployed military rejects, insane guys one step away from or just out of the nut house, and any other manner of low life that will look her way. She laughs real loud late at night when I'm trying to sleep and you can hear her all over the house no matter where she is. It sounds like the sound a donkey would make if you stuck a red hot poker up its ass. She's rude on the phone when friends call and refuses to take a message. She's insane, the handle of a knife of hers melted when it fell against the heating unit of the dishwasher. Somehow I'm to blame and she spends 15 minutes running around the house flailing her arms screaming about her stupid knife. She leaves the door open with the heat or AC on, she bitches constantly because of the rent she has to pay, her dogs have ruined the carpet, she's torn up the tile in the kitchen, and she tried to poison me by putting some cleaning solution in my gallon of milk. So finally I tell her to get out, she refuses and says she's going to stay and not pay anymore rent. I call the cops and they won't help, they say I have to give thirty days notice and all this bullshit before they'll even look at it and then she can appeal and I got to pay for this and that fee and shit and if I move her stuff out without permission I can be arrested. Even though its my house. Even though she hasnt paid anything and her rent is 2 weeks past due and even though she has already said she wont pay anymore. Since she slept with some of the loser barney cops at one point, ones that happen to patrol this area, they told her theyd watch out for her and if I start moving her shit out theyd arrest me. Anyway, I'm going to get her out somehow and then I'll never rent out this room again.

From Myra Diaz,
I had a roommate my second year of college who drove me nuts! The weekend I moved in I came back to the apartment to find her friends using my TV and VCR with a pizza box on top and greasy finger prints all over my expensive TV.

Later, I used to leave for the weekend to see my boyfriend who lived 100 miles from me and I would come home and find glasses of half drunk milk that she had started drinking the week before still on endtables separated and stinking with rot. But the thing that drove me most crazy was that she would bring guys home from the clubs, guys she had just met, to get jiggy with, then tell me to be quiet in the morning because she was sleeping on the couch and some stranger was still asleep in her bed. Fortunately, she broke her lease and moved out cuz I was gonna kill her if she didn't.

From Sean,

my boyfriend and i shared a house with a girl and her boyfriend. she smoked pot like a chimney in her room with her boyfriend all hours of the day hardly ever coming out to see us. she became pregnant, kept smoking pot well into her pregnancy, stopped doing housework, no social life, never left the house anyway, and made a bed out of my sofa in the living room to watch crappy television all day long. and i emphasize ALL DAY LONG, as in: she woke up at 6am and watched tv until 7 or 8pm and would "retire" to bed for the night, and would not allow us to do anything requiring noise. her one chore around the house was to wash the dishes when it was her turn, and it would take her almost a week to get around to doing that much! she took 2 15-minute showers everyday and this is a girl who never did anything physically extreme enough to require constant cleansiness. ugh. she's long gone and i am soooooo happy.

From LA82,

i have the worst roommate ever, there are so many stories i don't even know where to start. first of all, she is basically a hooker and in the beginning of the year i got woken up in the middle of the night by "booty calls" and she would then get out of bed and run off to tend to her guy of the night. not to mention, there were also many occasions where she would bring guys back to the room at 2 or 3 in the morning and hook up with them or start to have sex while i was trying to sleep. i had to leave many nights because it was so ridiculous. she also sits on her lazy a** all the time and watches tv for hours and never does laundry or clean up the room. everyday she puts her dirty clothes in a huge pile on her bed and she won't clean it until it has almost reached the ceiling. she is also one of the dumbest people i have ever met and is failing out of college. needless to say, i hate my roommate and CANNOT WAIT until i move out of this room!

From Leah,

I had a roommate in college who worked at a pizza place at night. She needed a ride home one night and I just came in about 30 mins. early to get a bite to eat while waiting for her. She took my pizza order and then I went to the drink station and ordered a coke. She asks me do you want a beer and I said no I was short on $$. She says no problem and gets me a beer saying it's on the house. Well she ends up getting fired since the manager saw everything. I waited outside in the car while she was getting the ax--she came out and said, "YOU GOT ME FIRED!! THANKS A LOT!!"

From Jade,

My roommate's cat sits outside her door early every morning and cries LOUDLY for breakfast, waking the whole house. My roommate doesn't respond most of the time; she says she's trying to condition the cat to know what time breakfast is. Well, this cat is apparently trying to condition my roommate, too, because she sits outside her door and cries AT THE SAME TIME EVERY MORNING! This battle of wills makes me want to strangle them both!!

From Leah,

Another one about the same roommate...She and her boyfriend were having a heated discussion outside our apartment door. She got mad at him and took a swing at him. He ducked and she hit her fist on the brick wall. She wailed, "You did that on purpose just so I'd hurt myself!" Needless to say, I was inside laughing my @$$ off!

From Chris (aka su_carbs)

I just had to put this one here. Let's just say that I had the 'pleasure' of rooming with an a**hole while in college. This idiot's 14-year-old girlfriend would call every damn morning at 6:00, and wake me up! Why someone who was 20 was dating a 14-year-old is another story--that's just nasty! Anyway, she'd call, and be cryin' her eyes out because she 'couldn't handle school.' Every damn day! I tried reasoning with him, explaining that I didn't have to be up for at least another 2 hours, but that fell on deaf ears. It wasn't just pissing me off, but everyone on our end of the floor! I finally had enough of this sh*t, and was about to kick his a**. Unknown to me however, that some of the other guys were gonna nail him! Literally.

It seems that my 'friend' came back extremely drunk one night...and the guys wrapped sheets over him, and stapled him to his matress. You know, one with a wooden frame! I was across the hall helping someone with an accounting spreadsheet, and I left the door ajar. Damn! I missed all the fun!

From Kristen (Originally posted on Customers Suck!)

I had a nasty one that invited her 14 yr old son to stay for the summer. Our electric bill more then tripled because he ran the AC full blast and kept the tv and all the lights on all day. She refused to even consider paying more then 1/2. He also ate $200.00 worth of my food in one week, and again, she refused to reimburse me for any of my groceries.

From Jade (Originally posted on Customers Suck! )

My current roommates are okay, but one of them does things that drive me CRAZY! Just this morning I the landlord came knocking on our door asking why he hadn't received this month's rent, which said roommate was supposed to mail two weeks ago. Apparently he had left several messages on her machine about it and she never called him back. And of course she had spent the night at a friend's house so she wasn't there to deal with it, or to feed her cat, who was now howling at me. Luckily my other roommate had her cell phone number, so we called her and had her straighten things out, and tell us where the cat food was so her little hairball would SHUT UP! (I know I shouldn't be mad at the cat, but the thing has the most irritating meow)! Boy, I could go on and on about roommates past and present!

From Brenda (Orginally posted on Customers Suck! )

Fortunately my husband and I own our home, but we still have a roommate to help pay the bills. He really has it made living with us - his rent includes not only his room but full use of the house, which if I do say is pretty nice with both a porch and deck, central air, washer and dryer. Also includes all utilities, cable TV, phone, and even food and toiletries - the guy doesn't even need to buy shampoo! We don't ask a lot of him, he doesn't even need to pitch in with the housework. We have only a few rules: don't wear your shoes on the carpet (it's wall to wall throughout the house and in excellent shape, we don't wear our shoes on it), don't eat or drink or smoke in the living room (if you saw the burn/spill marks on the carpet beside his bed you'd know why) and pay rent on time. He consistently breaks all these rules, as well as leaving his electric blanket on ALL the time even after having been repeatedly asked not to. He whines to everyone about what a raw deal he has and how mean we are, treating him like a child because we have "rules". Well, it's our house and our furniture, I think we are allowed to ask the few things that we do. We don't ask anything of him that we don't abide by ourselves. And, he is basically living like a child, having every need met and having no responsibilities. We would love to get someone else, but finding someone who is willing to move into a one-family house with two strangers and share their living space isn't easy. We'd really have a hard time financially if he left - not impossible, but we could basically never afford to leave the house except to go to work. I could go on forever about the stupid stuff he's done, lies he's told, and psycho behavior.

From Matsky1981 (Orginally posted on Customers Suck!)

I have a loud, overly-religious pentecostal (no offense to pentecostals) roommate who's room is next to mine. He thumps, he turns up the TV full blast at the "Headline Sports" channel at 4am, or playing Jesus videos at midnight full blast. He makes huge maesses (my room is a bit of a mess), but he eats tuna everyday, leaving dried tuna flakes in his bowl and generally making an ass out of himself. We also have another roommate who stays in his room everyday, and smokes pot.

From Lissarose, (Orginally posted on Customers Suck!)

Aha. I had a roommate who I helped to get a job at the place I worked since he didn't have a car, and that was going to be the easiest way, since he could just ride with me. Well, then he decided not to pay any bills. He also never cleaned up after himself. When I asked him why, his answer was, "I don't make messes."

From Sarah, (Originally posted on Customers Suck!)

When I was a freshman, my roommate had sex with some guy - in the same room - while I was trying to sleep. I told a bunch of people the next day, and SHE got mad at ME. Also, she was such a nasty skank that the guy denies anything happened, to this very day.

From SisterHavana, (Originally posted on Customers Suck!)

I currently live alone, thank goodness, but I could tell stories upon stories about my first college roommate. Let's see...she put down on her housing application that she was a non-smoker because she didn't want her parents to know she smoked, but she was actually a chainsmoker (and a very inconsiderate one at that!). She was also engaged to *three* different guys at three different schools (really...she had the rings and everything) and was dating at least 10 different guys on the IU campus (just that I saw her bring back. I have no idea how many I didn't see.) And those were just her finer qualities!

Luckily, she moved out after first semester. I think we'd have killed each other otherwise.

From Xandria, (Originally posted on Customers Suck!)

My husband's best friend's roommate decided that she was my husband's friend, too, and that she could convince him to leave me for her. She used to commandeer his (the friend) computer and instant message my husband when she saw he was online. Was she in for a shock when he told her that to him, marriage is a PERMANENT arrangement! Last time we visited the town they live in, she had a fit because my husband didn't stop by their apartment. Needless to say, she has some serious issues!

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